ALBUM REVIEW: The Pigeon Detectives – Up Guards and At ‘Em

 By Terri-Ann Williams

The Pigeon Detectives

Up, Guards and At ‘Em!

“I don’t know you but there’s a silence in your voice that says I should do …”

The third album by the Pigeon Detectives was released on the 4th of April. Up, Guards and At ‘Em! Is not much different from the usual Pigeons style, which I like.  However the third album reverts back more so to the first album, a lot more raw and less produced as the second album was.

When I was growing up most albums used to be around 15 to 20 songs long. But it seems the trend these days to make albums that are only 10 songs, which leaves me feeling cheated out of my purchase. But listening to Up Guards and At ‘Em!, you realise that it’s not quantity its quality and this album was definitely worth the £7.93 from Amazon. BARGAIN!
The songs on the new album seem a lot more personal and deep than the first two albums, but still with an absolutely brilliant drummer and catchy bass lines which make the album a perfect companion for jogging /sport or just a good old mosh pit. Also some of the songs such as “She Wants Me” start with a more electro intro than usual but then the good old stuff kicks in.

A lot of mixed reviews have been on YouTube and other social media sites which have been quite negative about the new album suggesting that it doesn’t sound anything like The Pigeon Detectives. Others have been comparing them to other bands such as Pulp, which is to me a very strange comparison.

But surely in order for a band to be successful and keep fans interested then they need to keep their music up to date and different, as the world changes and people’s circumstances change so does music. People write about experiences and put them into songs, it’s poetry but with a beat. Surely we would get bored if all the songs sounded the same, its called diversity.

It’s hard to choose favourites but here are just a few: “She Wants Me”, “Through The Door”, “I Don’t Know You” and “Go At It Completely”.


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