Lancashire Hotpots Interview

Did you know that St. Helens is believed to be the incest capital of Europe? I’m from St. Helens; do you think we’re related?

What a sparkling opening conversation gambit, I wasn’t actually born in Tellins I just moved here many, many years ago so we’re defo of different stock.

I’m sure you’re often asked this, but did you know that St. Helens is in Merseyside, and hasn’t been a part of Lancashire since 1972. Have you not considered changing the name?

Whoah, now you’ve made a couple of basic schoolboy errors there. First off the date in question was 1 April 1974. What happened then was the geographic goalposts were moved so that St Helens was yanked from  the proud county of Lancs into the equally proud, yet fundamentally different, county of Merseyside. A bit like when they changed Jif to Cif, nobody asked us, they just went ahead and did it. Pretty much everyone still refers to St Helens as being Lancashire anyway. I hear from the ‘underground’ that if someone puts ‘St Helens, Merseyside’ on a letter the postie is within their rights to throw it in the Sankey Canal!

Along with The Beautiful South, Johnny Vegas and the statue of that big head they made in Sutton Manor, you’ve become somewhat of a fame figure for St. Helens. Are you happy with where you are right now, or do you plan to become bigger and more popular?

Bigger would be nice. Bigger venues, bigger dressing rooms, bigger riders, bigger tax bills at the end of the year, hang on, scrap the bigger stuff. To be honest, we’re comfortable at this level, we can mostly remain unnoticed shopping in Morrisons. At a gig last year for Rock FM, Bernard was chatting to the lovely Dane Bowers. Dane described us as ‘local legends’. If Dane Bowers knows who are, we’ve already hit the big time!

You’re all respectable and talented musicians by any standards, why did you turn to comedy music, rather than a more serious route?

Because we couldn’t get enough people to like enough our ‘serious’ music and because we are ruddy good at the comedy stuff. It was a dual pronged decision.

Is it difficult juggling your day jobs with being in the band? How does your schedule work?

It can be very difficult, for Bernard especially who has to factor a 2 hour drive from Coventry for every Hotpot gig. We’re thinking of cloning him for spares once the technology comes on.

You’ve released an album every year since 2007, is there a 2011 album coming?

You bet your backside there is. The new album should be hitting the shops at the end of June. That’s assuming there are still shops selling CDs come June.

You can listen to the Hotpots on Myspace


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