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Groan Album Review

Groan are a doom metal band based in Stoke on Trent. “The Sleeping Wizard” is the name of both the album and the promoting single.

Groan immerse themselves fully in the theme of doom metal. The logos are more psychedelic than Donnie Darko, the riffs are fatter and fuzzier than Don King and the vocals whale theatrically above the groggy jamming.

The lyrics fulfill the necessities of the theme; with track names such as “psychedelic Demons”, “The Martyr King” and “Ancient Space (Masters of Time)”. All doom metal topics are covered; demons, monsters, wizards and . Jack Black would be in his element.

While the band are clearly very serious about music and pushing for better sounds, the fun element of the band shines through. It’s comforting seeing a band who are clearly enjoying themselves, and it’s clear that Groan are doing just that.

If any criticisms arise to my brain, they are but small. The band is strongly influenced by the classic ’60s and ’70s metal bands, particularly Black Sabbath. Influence can sometimes spill over into simple copying, however, I don’t believe Groan do this, but feel that they will have to bring more originality to the table with their second album, or it will be easy to be underpinned by an image of unoriginality. I feel that it’s something for the band to keep an eye on.

The music is well written, well recorded and well played. Signed to a small label, setting up a summer tour and writing a second album, the band are hard working and devoted to making music. They are clearly on their way up.

Light up a dooby, switch off Bob Marley and enjoy a different kind of stoner music.

The Sleeping Wizard can be bought from HMV and



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