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SINGLE REVIEW: The Smitten Ones – “Crooked Cards”/”Sirens”

The Smitten Ones are signed to the new Twister Records label and will be releasing Crooked Cards/Siren as a double A side on the 29th April.

Red Rose decided to have a look at the first single to be released by the new label.

“Crooked Cards” is the main single and is dark, broody and certainly has lots of elements and emotions lurking within.

The vocals are deep and slow giving the song an Editors sound but the guitars are lively and high giving the song a bit of edge and giving you the feeling that this isn’t just another song by another band. It feels to me that the vocals are almost restrained, keeping the emotions they are projecting slightly restricted.

What I mean by this is that the song never really kicks off and takes you away instead in nudges away at you, creeping into your subconscious. The music has quite a dark sound, but certainly not a depressing one…it is more of a ‘thinker’ i.e. as well as sounding decent it gets you thinking about emotions and that kind of deep stuff.

This is an interesting and fairly impressive song in my eyes. As I say it never takes you away and gets you chanting the chorus, it sits inside your mind working away at you. It isn’t straight away a song that you love; it is a grower. Though many brilliant songs are ‘growers’, so this is not a slight on the song.

‘”Sleeping Beauty” are the first two words in the song and I would say they sum up the song very well, not lively and anthemic but a low key, fairly dark but impressive effort.

“Sirens”, the other side of the single, starts off sounding very, very, like something by the Arctic Monkeys. Then the deep vocals kick in again and it’s back to The Editors style music. Again the song is quite deep throughout, though the still Arctic Monkeys rhythm gives it a kick.

The chorus and hook on this song are slightly more lively and upbeat helping round off the two sided single well.

The song repeats “I’d rather sit here in silence”. Thankfully, I wouldn’t – this is a good double A and a solid start for the record label.

Verdict: Turn it up, have a drink and get into it.

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