The Ascension Interview

Now, from listening to your lyrics, and the persona that is given off, you guys seem a lot more mature than a lot of other bands out there. How old are you guys and how did the band form?

Yes we are practically ancient compared to the token rock band myth. We are 30, 32 and 33, mature like a fine wine or cheese? The band was formed in 2008 when Neil and Doug decided that the material they were working on individually would be improved by combining each other’s talents. Once we had some material we were happy with, we obviously needed a drummer, and as luck would have it, Wes, who we knew from other bands he’d been in, was available.

How do you manage to fund your nationwide gigging?

With great difficulty! no-one wants to pay original bands anymore it seems, it’s all these awful tribute and covers bands that are making any money from gigs.

Your style of music is different from what is popular on the scene, is this a help or hinderance?

we aren’t that concerned with whats popular we just do what we like the sound of, whether that’s a hinderance or not, I suppose only time will tell.

You sound is very bold and in-depth, do you struggle getting the same sound live as you do recorded?

We do consider the live and recording sides as different facets, the part we struggle with is capturing the energy and chemistry the band has live in the recording environment.

You guys obviously work hard in creating music, but more so in creating your own media and projects, does the band take up a lot of your time?

Practically all of our time is taken up by the music,we have help with the videos and artwork for the CDs from our friend Robbo. The music is the most important thing to us,we do the videos because we can’t afford to pay someone else to do them, they are fun but time-consuming,We also are borderline control freaks when it comes to the image and public perception of what we do.

What kinds of things have you been up to get more well-known?

We try and do everything we can as well as we can and hope people like it and join in, no great internet marketing strategy, though we are open to suggestions? Online sex tape? Worked for Paris Hilton…

Do you have anything particular planned for the rest of this year?

To find that elusive money tree! no great plan just more gigs in new places and new songs and hopefully meet some more like-minded people.

Visit The Ascension’s website for more information.



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