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Call Me Diva – Crazy As Me EP review

Manchester pop/rock band Call Me Diva‘s Crazy As Me EP, which features a radio edit of their “Crazy As Me” single and two remixes of the track, is out now.

Red Rose Music Lancs‘ reviewers Sam Bennett and Andy Biddulph cast their eyes and ears over the EP below.

“Crazy As Me (Radio Edit)”

Sam: I thought the song was pretty fun, certainly a slightly strange sound it reminded me of the ‘electro jazz funk’ that they talk about on The Mighty Boosh. Also, I am not exactly sure what the person has done that is crazy, which is strange. But overall, it is fun, harmless and sweet and is a good pop song that is a happy sound to here.

Andy: This title track rolls along nicely with a simple drum beat and understated guitar. The delivery of the song itself is reminiscent of Heart-era female-fronted pop-rock. This is a solid single overall, but the lyrics aren’t the strongest and are a little exposed in such a stripped back setting.

“Crazy As Me (Dub Mix)”

Sam: I felt this was a poor addition to the EP. It seemed that there were random cheering sound effects at the start of the song and then no real difference other than the length to the original track. It seemed a little wasted and lacking in the variation you would expect for a ‘dub mix.’

Andy: As Sam says, this is probably the weakest track on offer. Despite having a higher tempo, the song ebbs, flows and finally plods to a conclusion without sounding too different from the actual single. The repetition of the same drum beat throughout the entire six minutes wears the listener down a little and the song becomes a little too repetitive for my liking.

“Crazy As Me (DJ Mix)”

Sam: For me, this is the strongest of the three efforts. The song works better at this tempo and pitch, helping it feel more jolly and giving it a head bopping-ness that the other two songs don’t quite have, certainly I can see myself dancing along to this after a few sherrys. Incredibly cheesy, but in a good way it’s dancey, it’s fun and it has a variation in things going on to keep it interesting.

Andy: The final mix is by far the liveliest on the EP. Despite being over 12 minutes long, the song kicks in and grabs the listener by the collar from the outset with a much higher tempo that lasts the duration of the track. Despite some dubious pitch-shifting vocals, the song benefits from a higher tempo drum beat and is an altogether more enjoyable listen than its predecessors. This perhaps indicates the direction that the band might want to head in next.

The EP is now available to download for £2.99 from Call Me Diva’s Bandcamp page. Also see www.callmediva.info


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