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Every Effort Made’s Self Titled EP Review

Every Effort Made
are a pop-punk/indie four piece from Blackpool. With their EP, “Who Would Make Up Stories As Horrible As This?”, to be printed and released this month, they gave me a sneak preview and asked for my opinion.

Now, I prefer to review albums as a whole, rather than running through certain songs. Tha’s just how I roll, but Every Effort Made’s EP has made me change my style a little…

I was really impressed with the intro to the EP. With a simple, Oasis-style, high-in-treble guitar-played chord progression, along with a post mixed, under-layer of spoken vocals – of Dark Side of the Moon essence – I was left sat grinning, assuming I was going to hear something other than the ever popular pop-punk that smothers the Lancashire scene.

My grin was to come to an abrupt stop…

It was not to be replaced by a frown, but more a face of confuzzlement.

It’s not that the second track, “Trapped and Comfortable” is a bad track, it’s a very competent pop-punk song, but I just felt that it was too far a distance from the more original, more musically intelligent intro I had just been blessed with.

The third track, “Hours” added to my confusion, because it again strays away from its predecessor. A slower, more powerful song, it captured my attention more, feeling more original. The final songs on the 5 strong EP follow down the path of the more mainstream pop punk style.

I think there are very strong points to this album, but, in my opinion, it’s hindered by a few simple things.

The band has done well in finding two good singers in Bobby and Laura, as finding one is difficult enough and they have utilised this with a great use of harmonies. Furthermore, having a female singer in a pop punk band, they have managed to avoid sounding too much like Paramore; I would more so liken them to a milder version of Rise Against. The band has a very distinct sound in terms of production; guitar tones are consistent throughout and it’s clear that there is no power struggle in who has their instrument the loudest.

However, I have found that the EP is a little bit disjointed in terms of the actual song writing, it’s as if there is two different songwriters in the band, there may not be, but it feels that way. I preferred the more original, less pop punk parts of the album. It felt like something different.

Overall, I would say that the band won’t find it difficult in impressing people and finding avid followers, but I wouldn’t expect anything you haven’t heard before.

The stand out track for me was “Hours”. It’s got a great melody that will have the crowd anthemically singing along at the gig.



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