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Marionette – Broadway EP review

Marionette’s debut EP Broadway offers something different to the pop punk which is dominating the Lancashire music scene at the moment. The rock outfit contrast crunchy guitar riffs with the melodic vocals of singer Chris. The four track EP highlights the band’s ability to write but fast and slow tracks and, yes it sounds cliché, but their ability to switch between heavier and melodic parts.

Opener “Take Me Away” starts with guitar and builds quickly into a singalong rock track, and the lead guitar part seems to suit Chris’ high notes well. The track is fast, and a great opener to an EP.

The track also ends with an introduction to second track “Head Over Heels”. It is clear that the band and whoever has worked with them on the EP has thought carefully about the flow of the songs, and looked at the EP as a whole. Head Over Heels is probably Marionette’s most well known song, a slower and more thoughtful track. The repetitive, melodic guitar parts are one of the most memorable aspects of a song which invites a second listen.

Title track “Broadway” keeps the sound outlined in the first two tracks of the EP, but highlights much more the band’s influences; acts such and Francesqa and You Me At six. Perhaps it is not as catchy as the first two tracks, but definitely a grower.

Final track “Glass Ballerina” is an upbeat number to round off the EP. It builds steadily towards the chorus. You have to listen to the lyrics to appreciate the song fully. Lines such as, “It doesn’t matter how much you drink, in the morning you’ll still be the same person” stick in the memory quite well. A song that may well transfer well to a live show, the final song on the EP is one that shouldn’t be forgotten.

The album can be purchased on iTunes here.


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