Ihatewires Interview

How long does it take you to make a new song, from the initial idea to the internet upload?

It all depends on the song really, sometimes they come out of nowhere and are on my pages within three or four hours, other times it can take days, sometimes weeks. Most of the time the ideas are there already and I know exactly where I want to go next, so i finish pretty quickly. That way it feels like a more passionate track than a project.

What usually inspires you to write a new song, and what genre to play with?
My inspirations come from all over. At christmas I wrote a dubstep remix of “Let It Snow” in my head from hearing too many damn christmas songs. I came home and made the remix. Other times I’ll have a few chords bouncing round in my head, or a drum beat and I’ll sequence it in. Other times I’ll be playing guitar to something and then branch off from it. And a lot of my songs come from watching films and writing my own soundtrack to certain areas of it. Those ones are my favourites!
 How much do you actually play within the songs, and how much is MIDI based sequencing and samples?

A lot of the stuff I play in myself. I hate drawing notes in to the sequencer, it just takes the fun out of it. I’ll use microphones and guitars and other things, such as shakers, and other acoustic instruments to record my own samples, but mainly the tracks are sample based, and a lot of the drums I use, I find and process myself, but they werent mine originally.

I know that you’re very interested in other types of music, why did creating electronic music favour over, more traditionally, playing in a band?

The electronic thing came a lot later on yeah; in college. Before that, I’d been playing in bands with friends etc. But I’ve never enjoyed working with other musicians in that format. We’d just do shitty covers, and when it came to writing, there was no real effort put into it. There are only a handful of musicians I’ve enjoyed playing with. But when I started college and got shown the basics on Cubase, I was blown away. It was always something I’d wanted to get into but I hadn’t a clue how. But after I knew I was hooked.

At the same time, I never really wanted to create standard electronic music, I wanted to do things differently, so  try to incorporate as many influences, genres and technologies as possible to create something which I think sounds listenable!

Have you considered trying to get gigs for your music, or trying to get your music played through someone else? For example, getting it played in a club? Or even getting it as a soundtrack for something?

Currently I’m trying to figure out how I’d do what I do as a performance. I ” want to do the typical DJ thing, not always. I like DJing but it just doesnt seem like a performance by me as an artist, yknow? So im just in limbo with that one. I use Live, which is a software used for production, DJing and all sorts of other ways to perform, so I’m just exploring it more and more to see how I could take my stuff to the stage.

There are a few DJs who’ve played my tracks, DJ XIX used a few of my tracks in his mixes, along with GJ Oakes, both are great DJs. And a soundtrack would be pretty amazing, it’s just finding the opportunities really!

You study music technology right? Are you planning to make money through your music, or is it just a hobby?

I wouldnt say make money, but i definitely want it as my day job yeah! Doing something I love to do, and the only thing I’m interested in, as a job, is perfection to me, and it’s what im aiming for more and more.

I know how hard you work to get your music out there; do you worry about getting it heard in the never ending amounts of unsigned music?

Yeah, my fear is having my music lost in the rest of it, that’s why I try and do things a little different. Not strictly dubstep, not strictly drum and bass, not strictly hip hop. Just strictly me as a musician trying to turn heads.

If you could get someone to listen to only one of your songs, which one would it be?

I’d love to get my most recent track, “would be killer” heard a bit more. It’s a strange one and I’d never thought of programming the drums like that before, it’s really interesting to me and I hope other people appreciate it. Headphone music.

And finally…pizza or burger?

Pizza straight up, no competition.

Ihatewires can also be found under the pseudonym “Pantherdashh”





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