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Mitford Rebel. EP review.

Mitford Rebel are enthusiastic. I know, I have read one of their emails, which I believe came to around 6,000 words describing the band’s history. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, as if their songs are crafted with as much care, love and attention, I am in for a right treat.

Their EP doesn’t seem to be an EP, it’s just four tracks which you can download for free. But anyway, free music is lovely so I better get cracking on telling you whether its good.

The first song on the EP is “The Invisible Girl”, which starts off promisingly, the tune and general feel of the song is pretty good, I was bopping my head and everything.

The female vocals also give it an extra edge over other sounds in this genre giving it a slightly softer, interesting edge.

Lyrically however this is fairly generic fare. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds good enough but in terms of the lyrics it’s nothing more than teenage female angst, which goes along the lines of “I’m the invisible girl… Am I wasting my own time?”, or in plainer terms – stop ignoring me, it’s mean. This kind of makes the song fade as after about two minutes you’ve heard it all and are vaguely aware of the sound being heard before.

A solid if unspectacular effort to start. Good sound but one paced and middle of the road.

The next effort on the EP, “The Bell”, has a split personality thing going on. It starts with some nice tinkly guitar and sounds gentle and floaty like quavers.

Then things get a bit heavier and faster paced. The long “shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine” is catchy and there is certainly an improvement in terms of keeping the listener interested. The guitars and drums are heavier but also the lyrics are more dynamic rather than the same line.

And just to keep things interesting we then go back to a slower, clearer set of guitar and vocals.

Again the lyrics are nothing special, but this time at least there’s a two layered effect with the short drum beats followed by stripped and high vocals, keeping the song sounding fresh throughout and entertaining.

I hate to harp on about it but I feel for them to progress they need to get past the stage of getting one main lyric and repeating it ’till its bleeding to death. “The Bell” is interesting and fresh but still just falls short of what it could be, purely because they repeat the title so many times.

“Plots, Disguised” is a much lighter effort with the guitar and drums less prevalent and for the first time, I can actually hear what is being sung. The lyrics seem to be a kind of goodbye/sod off style song with “I am past caring I have gone my own way” being one example.

This lighter sound is pleasant enough and is a positive change but the two layers of female vocals have a grating effect at this slower tempo rather than booming like they do on the heavier parts of  the previous songs.

Saying that, the song gets deeper and darker as it progresses and the lyrics fit that a little better.

It is a clever song, it pitches well at saddened, moping teenagers and the like. Certainly it’s a song I would have a listen to if I felt a bit depressed and needed a bit of uplifting.

Maybe I have read it all wrong and now sound like a massive tit, but as I said it’s kind of a “you wasted your chance” and “bye bye” song.

Finally then on this four-track-mini-pit-stop of an EP we have “Help Myself”, which helps itself off to a good start with some cheeky guitar going on. It’s quite a nice tune and gets the old shoulders moving a bit (dancing sat down is silly but oh well) and then as usual gets heavier and punkier in the middle with the words “help myself” being put on repeat.

It’s another song that has a good tune and sounds decent, the female vocals are sound. But once again I cannot help but feel lyrically they are struggling to take it to the next level.

Overall this is a frustrating EP. It has virtually everything it needs. A good knowledge of how to pace a song, what it needs and how different sounds can help it. Certainly the vocals when the several singers are put together correctly are powerful and enchanting.

BUT and as you can see by me putting it in capitals, it’s a big but – the lyrics are lacking in variation. I know songs repeat lyrics in the chorus but this feels as an EP like it lacks depth. I feel though it’s a promising start and as they develop as musicians this will improve.

Certainly their sound will be good live and once they sort out the writing. They could be big.

Verdict: Decent start, good EP worth a listen.






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