Ihatewires Review

Ihatewires is an electronic music producer from St. Helens. His broad taste in music is well reflected in his writing. Many genres are explored and beautifully executed. All sub genres of electronic music are deeply delved into, from dubstep, to D&B, to hip hop.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, Ihatewires’ samples are both played live and recorded, and more traditionally, manipulated from MIDI. However, samples and beats are very rarely repeated in songs, if at all. This simplicity prevents Ihatewires from the ultimate electronic faux pas of sounding too similar between songs. Bringing Pendulum to your attention in order to highlight my point, the overuse of that far too simple D&B beat becomes tiring and unoriginal; these specific words usually becoming the writing on the bullet that shoots Pendulum down. Ihatewires manages to avoid that bullet Matrix-style.

The use of EQ is perfect. Panning is expertly used and manipulated. The quality of effects tweaking and volume modulation follow suit. The diligent production gives such depth to the tracks, that when closing your eyes, you can easily place the sounds in your own head.

Although the actual style of music is quite different, the production reminds me of that of Pink Floyd, whilst the thought and patience within the music brings Massive Attack to mind. Ihatewires has the highest quality production I have heard in unsigned music and the range of genres means that you will become addicted to at least one song.

Don’t expect a 2 minute, catchy, sing-along song, ‘cause you simply won’t get it. This could easily be considered a downfall, as the music isn’t easiest to consume and may not grab you the first time. However, patience is a moral quality, and you should bring it along when listening.

As a summary, I would say that Ihatewires’ music is that of a musician’s music, and those who play, create or produce music will likely appreciate it that little more.

Ihatewires’ music can be enjoyed by clicking this link.



2 thoughts on “Ihatewires Review

  1. Totally agree with what you say James. It is most defiantly music for muscians which I love, because you get that extra sense of depth in the piece.

    Posted by zeelow | March 29, 2011, 10:18 pm
  2. I’m glad you agree, at least I know I’m talking some sense. It’s not often you hear musicians’ music nowadays I guess, everything seems to be more commercial – styled mediocrity that toes the line of consumer based structure. I think Ihatewires’ music is quite refreshing. 🙂

    Posted by James Mellan | March 31, 2011, 5:53 pm

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