Emily & The Faves.

Emily & The Faves are a band based in Liverpool. Lead singer Emily Lansley has been described as quirky, kooky and retro.

 They play according to their fabulous MySpace site ‘ catchy psych-pop melody frilled songs in a heady 60’s mix up.’

We thought this sounded pretty good so we caught up with Emily before her show at The Oakwood in Glossop.

So, please start with an interesting fact about yourself.

This isn’t that interesting but I was once on a quiz show with Mark and Lard called Pop Upstairs Downstairs when I was like 18 and me and my friends won the pop quiz. We didn’t win anything; we got like twenty quid for the coach home.

You have an album coming out in June, what can people expect from that?

It’s an album of 12 tracks, with one bonus track. Drums, bass and loads of harmonies. I reckon it sounds a little bit like, eighties. Not on purpose, but it sounds eighties. Old fashioned but also kind of new at the same time.

Do you have any gigs coming up that you would like to plug whilst you have the chance?

We are playing in Liverpool on Friday the 1st April on Bold Street in a little coffee shop because I have an exhibition of my illustrations in there (Her art was question seven, we get back to it a little later.) With two others Rhonda Davis and Penny Davenport.  And then! On the 7th May for this thing called Fiesta Obscenic in Liverpool which is like a day festival.

Also, a festival called Fire on the Mountain in June which I think is in The Lake District and I am playing with Stealing Sheep which is another band I am in…

If you could describe the band and its music as an emotion what would it be?

Melancholy with a touch of happiness. (Laughs) (Then apologises for laughing.)

What was the moment for you when you decided that you wanted to be a musician, to play in a band?

Erm, when I was about seventeen my mum bought me a bass guitar and I really liked The Fall so started learning their bass lines and stuff like that. Started playing with some 40 year old blokes as their bass player, I thought it was fun and it was really great for meeting people. I’ve had a few bands but now I do Emily & The Faves and Stealing Sheep.

You describe The Fall as one of your main influences; do you have any other bands that have influenced you and your music?

I really like err really liked Can but they don’t sound like us. I used to really like The Smiths a lot as well. Oh and Wendy and Bonnie they were like really young, folksy.]

If you could take one of your lyrics and use it as inspiration or advice for people on living life and such. What would it be?

Erm, (Cough) Oh God, Well I have gone blank.

What about lyrics by another band that you like, and would use for inspiration/advice?

The Taxman by The Beatles, I like what they are saying there! The lyric ‘If you take a walk they will tax your feet’ Or something like that… (Note: The Beatles wrote this song about the higher taxes being imposed by Labour at the time they were knocking about.)

Being from Liverpool how big an influence have The Beatles been on your music?

I really love them now, I think they are brilliant but I think when I was younger I wasn’t as influenced by them as I am now. I used to just listen to it and think it was good but just kind of go ‘hmmm’, now I really listen to them and am really influenced by them. But they are really amazing.

(At this point the man playing with Emily says this bit…) What I’ve found is that erm that erm that a lot of people from Liverpool aren’t actually that into The Beatles. Most people in bands are erm probably a bit Anti-Beatles in a way.

You also do art, what are the illustrations you do?

I’ve err been told they are sort of like sinister children stories. They are sort of for children but more sinister, they are all about different things. I have a character called Demon Son who basically absorbs people’s emotions and souls and it’s an abyss of blankness…It’s a mixed bag I have loads of characters.

They all have little stories to them, little particular characters which all have a story.

Are the feelings made up or do they get drawn from things that happen to you during your life?

They are influenced by everything; although I make them up they come from me so yeah they are influenced by everything that happens to me.

What’s been your best musical experience or gig?

I’ve had loads of excellent gigs, erm with my other band Stealing Sheep it isn’t my music so I feel more relaxed playing with them whereas with my music I am more precious. But I guess it depends what you feel like on the day. I played at Jock Stock with The Faves and that was really good.

Where does the ‘The Faves’ come from?

It’s from a Pixies song where he sings ‘and she is my fave’ and I liked that lyric and Andy the drummer said they should be called The Faves so I said okay it shall be known as that.

If you could be any food what would it be? And Why?

Erm, I’d be a banana because they are yellow which is a nice colour and they have a warm sheath.

Would you rather be a Koala Bear or a Giraffe?

Koala, because it looks more comfy.

Look out for Emily and The Faves’ debut album in June; it is self titled and sure to be gorgeous.

Check out the Bold Street exhibition which runs throughout April.

And check out their Facebook and Myspace for more stuff!

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