Laura Bailey Interview.

Laura Bailey is an up and coming singer songwriter, usually accompanied by a keyboard, she sometimes wears a hat…

1. Give us one interesting fact about you 🙂

I’ve played with Adrian Edmundson. That’s about as interesting as I have got so far.
2. What was the moment of musical inspiration which made you decide you wanted to write/do music…

GCSE Music composition after about a year of constant Tori Amos. This was the first time I tried playing music and the first time I realised I could.

3. What are your main influences for your music, If you could put all your favourite musicians in a band, who would they be?

Tori Amos on Keys

Jules Fothergill on guitar

Backing singers: Elvis, Tom Jones, and Johnny cash.

Flea on bass.

I wanna sing!
4. What’s going on in the world of Laura Bailey musically, where can we see you?

I dont have anything lined up at the moment but if you want to see me, you could always go on Myspace or Youtube : )

5. At what point would you say ‘I’ve achieved the thing I wanted the most in music’?


To have a solid fan base and make some money from my music. It’d be cool to have my music on an advert on in a film or something too. I don’t want to get rich and famous. I would like to achieve a similar musician status to David Ford or Regina Spektor or something.

6. If you could use any of your lyrics as a piece of inspiration or piece of advice, what would it be?

My lyrics should tell you to be thoughtful and nice and never underestimate the female mind. It is a delicate and wonderful thing and might just be interpreting things a little differently to how you feel you are putting them across. Always be honest and true and keep your heart on your sleeve.
7. How do you write your songs (do you sit alone and write, or wander and look at stuff) and what are the main themes/influences

I normally write my music in the early hours of the morning when I can’t sleep. Sometimes it starts with chord sequences, sometimes it starts with a theme, sometimes it starts with lyrics. I try my best to create something unique and individual to me so I never think of other songs or other artists when I am writing.

8. Favourite musical experience.


Listening to my 10 years younger sister turn into a better singer than me, And I’ve done a few really satisfying gigs in the mad ferret too!
9. Zebra or panda?
Pandas are loads cuter than zebras and being cute puts you quite high in my animal books.
10. If you could be any food what would it be and why?

I’d be marmite.


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2 thoughts on “Laura Bailey Interview.

  1. Hi Im Lauras Dad and Im proud of everything she is achieving both personally and musically and its always nice to see that people enjoy what she does .

    Posted by Mr Stephen Bailey | May 7, 2011, 9:30 pm

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