Daz Sampson Interview.

Daz Sampson is best know for representing the UK at Eurovision and being one half of catchy dance muscians Uniting Nations, best known for hit ”Out of Touch”.

He talks to us about his music, the Eurovision experience and his beloved Stockport County..

Start off with what are you up to at the moment? Where can people see you perform?

Nowadays I do a lot of writing for other acts under a different name, in fact since Eurovision I have had two top twenty hits in the UK under a different writing name. I tend to only perform overseas in Eastern Europe.

You are a founding member of Uniting nations, any plans for a new album?

It’s funny you ask, we started our comeback album two weeks ago, the first single will be ‘girl have mercy.’

What was the moment for you, that made you decide you wanted to be involved in music?

I don’t know, but I was probably about five or six when I decided.

Who are your musical heroes and inspirations? If you could do a performance with an idol of yours who would it be?

That’s a difficult one, there is no one in particular but I suppose Jimmy Nail springs to mind.

How did you enjoy doing Eurovision? Any plans to reapply to appear again?

The Euro’s were great for me, I always wanted to be a footballer and that was my world cup. I can’t say how much I enjoyed it, it was a great time for me.

 Do you feel your song was fairly treated, and what are your general thoughts on the political voting and such that goes on during Eurovision?

I have to admit, I honestly knew I wasn’t going to win, and I got a lot of stick for being arrogant etc etc. You can’t portray a losing attitude so I acted like I thought I could win it and got stick for it. I knew deep down we wouldn’t win but hoped for top ten at least.

There were rumours that you may have been approached to appear on I’m a celebrity shortly after Eurovision, any truth to this?

I stated during every interview that I was doing Eurovision because I loved it as  boy and not to become some Z list reality TV celeb, so I had to stay true to the fans. I had offers but declined.

What are your thoughts on Stockport County’s situation? How is it going to pan out?

I’ve been going to County for 27 years, I started going when they where  bottom of the old divsion four  so the currrent state is nothing new to me. It’s sad cause i think this time they are going down,  and i cant see them coming back for a long time.  The truth is this situation has been coming for a few years now. It’s a sad sad day if we go down.  But I for one will still be there even if its the Blue Square Premier.

To revisit Daz at Eurovision, click here.

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