Jamie Brewer interview

Probably the best guitarist I have seen without staring at a screen, Jamie Brewer plays ‘lap-tap’, percussive acoustic as a solo artist and comprises one fifth of ‘Defy the Sky’. Here, he gives you all the information you need to get you interested.

When and Why did you start playing guitar?

I was around 14 when I started, so seven years ago this year. I originally got into guitar music through my parents, my dad is a huge AC/DC fan, and obviously that rubs off (they are my favourite band and I don’t see that ever changing), but I just wanted to get into it, I could never see myself doing some mundane, same old day to day task for a job. I’d much rather be living playing guitar. If I can’t make a living doing that, then I’ll live my life trying my hardest to!

When did you start writing your own music and discovering your own sound?

I’m not really sure, it depends what type of music you mean when you say “your own sound”, I’ve been writing probably since I started playing, but only in the last few years have I become proud of what I’ve produced. My set now is probably the best it’s been in terms of variety of technique and song styles. About a year ago I decided to completely scrap my set, because it just became tedious playing it, that and I wasn’t really happy with most of it, the songs I was happy with have been rewritten to be better, and the others haven’t been played in months.

If you could describe your sound in a sentence, how would you describe it?

I don’t think I would, I like to let an audience make their own mind up, particularly given my music is instrumental, so its sort of all subjective to the listener, I’d much rather the listener told me how they felt my music sounded, rather than how I felt.

How long have you been playing in front of audiences?

Around 3 years, I started at an open mic at the New Brit that was run by my old guitar teacher.

Where do you play?

Wherever I can! Mad Ferret, Bittersuite, Ship Inn, Kenlis Arms in Garstang, Withy Trees, The Welly, The Dog And Partridge, The Robert Gillow in Lancaster, Porters Ale House in Warrington.

Do you have recorded music and how can people get hold of it if you do?

I’ve got a few of my old CD’s that are available at gigs, they’re 1 pound and have 6 tracks on them, the quid is just to cover the expenses of buying more CD’s though.

How do you write your songs and how long does it take to write one?

Usually through finding a new tuning first then trying to find a vibe of a song just with messing around with the tuning, like at the moment I’m trying to write a slow song (just because my set is missing one) and its taking me ages to even find a tuning… but on average I’d say it takes me around 6 months to write a song…

If you could collaborate with any living artist, who would it be and why?

Probably Justin King, partly because he got me into the acoustic guitar as a whole percussive instrument as well as a strung instrument, and partly just because he’s bloody amazing at practically everything he does.

Finally, do you have a list of gigs and dates for us to promote?

Band Dates :

26th Feb – The Ley Inn – Clayton Le Woods
4th March – 53 Degrees – Preston
13th March – Cedar Tavern – Blackpool
17th March – The Bobbin – Lancaster
3rd April – The Dog and Partridge – Preston

Solo Dates :

1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month at Mad Ferret/Bittersuite(Preston)
2nd Wednesday of the month at the Robert Gillow (lancaster)
Last Wednesday of the month at the Kenlis Arms (Garstang)
Every Thursday at the Ship Inn

All the solo dates are open mics.!/pages/Jamie-Brewer-Acoustic-stuff/107958975890894

Written by James Mellan




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