One Man and His Beard: The big interview!

One Man and His beard is a loud, memorable, whacky, bearded and in my eyes genius act. We spoke to One Man and His Beard, to gain some insight into the inspiration behind his campaign songs, love songs and smashing facial hair.

Questions by Sam Bennett and Rebecca Collins.

Rebecca: Your songs are quite punky, is this just a natural sound to you?

One Man and his Beard: It’s just the way i play, start with some phrase or other and my rythmic right hand tells me to play like that..

Sam: What came first the music? or the beard?

OMB: Oh the music came before I could ever grew a beard. One winter I grew it and then kept it. I’d been trying to get gigs for ages and one day I rang the Boardwalk in Manchester and said ‘do you wanna here one man and his beard play?’ and he said ‘Is that you again David, go on then!’ He ignored me cassette but then booked me, so that was the beginning of One Man and his Beard.

Sam: Any tips for growing a strong healthy beard?

OMB: Not really..Just don’t shave…and shampoo it once a week!

Rebecca: What were you called before One Man and his Beard?

OMB: Why Willy Why?

Sam: Why?

OMB: Exactly, that’s what people kept saying! Why Why Willy Why?

What’s the next plans? Any gigs/ releases?

OMB: Hopefully a festival, Antwerp Mansions in Manchester in April and I’ve been booked for a wedding and two 21st’s and just building up from there.

Sam: How are you getting the music out there?

OMB: Some are on Myspace and there are some on itunes aswell which are only available there.

*Rebecca turns the heating on again*

Sam: Why bring back Top of the Pops?

OMB: No one sees any decent rock music on television anymore, yet when top of the pops was on you would get about 4 acts in the chart and the public had a chance to see them. Now bands have a hit and just dissapear. Top of the Pops..Should be back! It’s no coincidence last year was the worst year in 50 years for rock music sales, because no one gets to see it!

Sam: You have a song called Magic Sam. My name is Sam. What’s that song about?

OMB: A magician called Sam from Chorley. He heard, my song I hate Christmas and asked for me to do him a theme tune.

Sam: What is it about Christmas you hate?

OMB: It should be everyday, you should enjoy yourself everyday, not put a date on it.

Sam: How do you write your songs, sit alone with a guitar? or just whilst your wandering does stuff come to you?

OMB: Well I’ve just started writing again..I mean when I was younger I used to write loads of lyrics and try and put music to them but I never got great tunes then. Now phrases just pop in me head and If it expands in ten minutes or so it becomes a songs…

Sam: What is the main inspiration for songs?

OMB: Everyday things, people you meet, things you see, places you go, that kind of thing really..

Sam: In terms of influences, what bands would you list?

OMB: I don’t really listen to anyone else, never have done conciously or else you end up copying people, so what I do is listen to the radio 6 music, which sort of filters in…

Rebecca: Anyone you have heard on the radio recently you have thought are good?

OMB: Well The Champman Family’s Anxiety and Licky Lee aswell

Sam: What was the defining moment where you decided, yeah I want to be a musician?

OMB: When me mum and dad bought me a guitar at 5, and I still can’t play it. but yeah I got the bug then, played all sorts of music, its just stuck with me.

Sam: If there is a choice for people between your gig and another one, why should they pick yours?

OMB: Thats a difficult one, without sounding like your bragging (laughs) err…I would say all my songs will stick with you after you leave, there you go..

*This is true, I cannot stop singing , ‘BRING BACK TOP OF THE POPS’*

Sam: If you could achieve one thing in music that would make you think…’thats it for me’ what would it be?

OMB: Home the homeless. I’m nowhere near this yet..

Sam: Whats the state of music now to when you were growing up?

OMB: I would say it’s better now, but no one knows this because nothings getting sold!

Sam: Penguin or Rhino?

OMB: Penguins will be bloody cold, so Rhino!

Sam: How many people would it take in a campaign to get you on the X Factor?

OMB: Oh God, err a million! I prefer Britain’s Got Talent, I would go on that but not as One Man and His Beard, it would be as an opera singing dancer or something…

Sam: If you go on that, I’ll be your backing dancer.

Rebecca: I’ll vote for you both.!/pages/one-man-and-his-beard/12809867326


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