Tom Little AKA The Krazy Punisher (I made up this nickname)

Tom Little plays harmonica. He has curly hair. Red Rose Music talks to the man with hair and a harmonica.

Hi, First of all can you think of a lively nickname to help publicise this interview?

TL: Err…..No.

So what’s the aim then? An EP? Paid gigs?

TL: I have about 12 songs written now, just need to get round to recordin’ ’em. I have some recorded and they are at myspace.com/itstomlittle…

Whats the main song, your best song, the one that could go big?

TL: The applicant…it’s about not being able to get a job really. It’s also the song most people will be able to relate to, yeah everyone has been through that frustration…

What are your main influences?

TL: Bob Dylan, Tom Waites, anything from the Sixties…

If you could have an ultimate band (Favourite singer, guitarist etc…) Who would you have?

TL:  Erm…David Gilmore on guitar, Keith Moon on Drums and Bob Dylan singing…

If someone had a choice of either your gig or someone elses, why should they see you instead?

TL: I can play the harmonica (laughs)

Whats the most inspiring musical moment you can think of, for you?

TL: The key change in Karma Police by Radiohead..

How do you write your songs?

TL: Sit strumming a guitar and mumbling and eventually it turns into words..

What are your songs about?

TL: I am  trying to write about more every day things n0w…

Elephants or giraffes?

TL: Elephants, they never forget.

What food would you be and why?

TL: A penguin bar, for the hilarious joke.


Thank you Tom. You can see Tom at the Mad Ferret Open Mic.




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