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Hope. Break. Legend interview

With their debut EP due to be released on the 25th, Hope. Break. Legend. are on the way up. Their distinctive style draws influences from Four Year Strong and A Day To Remember, but the band prefer not be to too heavily associated with any band on particular. We sat down with the Rob and Dan from the band in the Mad Ferret to discuss the EP, the upcoming tour, and plans for the future.

Can you explain how you met as a band?

Rob: Me and Chris, the other guitarist played in another band, and he had also played in a band with Dan. So in about July we started writing happier stuff rather than metalcore which we had been playing, and we came up with a song which we thought sounded really cool. We had no intention of making it go anywhere then our drummer turned around to us and said he was quitting. We dragged Dan in on bass and started looking for a drummer. When I restarted my first year at Uni I sat next to a guy who said he was a drummer. We went out for a drink and we found out we were into basically all of the same stuff. We all went for a Jam and everything clicked, so it’s just gone from there.

What’s the most interesting fact about the band?

Robin: The first person to recieve a hard copy of our EP will be My Chemical Romance. I won backstage passes for their show in Newcastle and spoke to their tour manager and they said they’d like me to bring a copy to listen to.

The EP is coming out this month, is this your first EP?

Robin: Yeah, the 25th of this month

What can we expect from the EP?

Robin: We don’t like to class ourselves as a certain band. Yes, we are pop punk but we think each song is different. I can’t tell you what to think about it but it’s a collection of four very strong songs raging from very happy songs, to a ballad.
Dan: Yeah, every band needs a ballad.

What would you say is your main influence?

Dan: Probably Four Year Strong
Robin: Yeah, Four Year Strong, and A Day to Remember, things like that. But classical influences come in too.

How will the EP be available?

Robin: The next gig is the Equilibrium gig, so we’re probably going to give away a song from the EP for free, but the EP will be £3 when we get the prints done.

Can you tell us a bit about the Equilibrium festival?

Robin: It’s a weekend festival, all day both days. From Preston there is us, Better Left Alone, and Next Stop Atlanta. I don’t know many of the other bands but I know that we’re on at about 5 oclock on the first day and it’s £5 for a ticket.

To support the EP, you will be going on tour round the North West, what are you looking forward to about the tour?

Dan: Just playing loads of different places, really.
Robin: Yeah, we’re doing three dates which isn’t a massive tour but it’s to reinforce the EP. We’re playing the launch at the bittersuite on the 25th, then in Blackburn on the 26th and we’re playing on BBC radio Lancashire that day. We’re playing the Cedar Tavern in Blackpool on the 27th which is an awesome venue.
Dan: We played there a while ago and all the kids were going mental, it was a real buzz.

Have you got any tour memories or memories of shows?

Rob: Gearing breaking I think, that’s the main one. There’s really good memories of shows but there’s some bad ones where you’ll be playing a show and an amp will blow or a string will break.

What’s the general reaction when that happens?

Dan: We just sort of playing through it I suppose
Robin: Yeah, we just carry on and people don’t really notice.

Apart from recording, how have your prepared for the tour?

Rob: We haven’t actually rehearsed since November. We’ve been playing shows twice a week so we haven’t really needed to rehearse a set. We’ve been working on some new songs but at the moment, we are going to play the songs on the EP and maybe throw one other song in there rather than dropping songs from the EP.
Dan: Apart from that, just sitting round playing Fifa and getting tattooed.

How do you write songs?

Me and the guitarist will start on an idea, then we will add the bass parts to it. Then we’ll go into a rehearsal and Dom, the drummer will do what he wants with it.  We wait until we have a full song before writing lyrics.
Dan: Or make lyrics up on the spot

If you could give one of your lyrics as a piece of advice, what would you choose?

Dan: Probably ‘pick your jaw up off the floor’.
Rob: I’d use, in karma, the chant ‘Inside our chest’, it’s aimed at people who have doubted me in the past, and is saying ‘this is what I’m going to do now’.
Dan: It probably applies to all of us to be honest.

If you could be any food, what would you be?

Dan: Probably the best, tastiest pizza you can imagine.

What’s next for the band?

Rob: Just go as far as we can with. Carry on until it’s not fun anymore.

Interview by Joel Durkin and Sam Bennett.!/hopebreaklegend


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