The Mannequins revealed! The big interview.

The Mannequins are a 4 piece Indie band hailing from the hills of Glossop. They are convinced they have something special. We talk to them ahead of their opening gig….

I would like you to start with an interesting fact about yourselves.

Josh Pugh: I’m Josh, I used to have a rat.
James Eyre: I’m James Eyre, Used to be left winger for Glossop Under twelves.
Tom Buck: I’m Tom Buck, I work for Adam Corbally (Fruit and Veg guru)
Conor Keem: I’m Conor, I’m eating jalapeno crisps.

How did the Mannequins start, when did you realise you could be an actual band?

JP: Funny story.
JE: We were in Ruchi for Abi Langtons 17th and Conor mentioned he were playing guitar and asked If i could play, I sad yeah, but it’s been a while. Conor then pointed out Josh could play drums. So i said alright then, start a band? And shouted down to pughy, ‘Start a band?’
JP: Humouring him, I said yes. I’m still humouring him now.
JE: First practice, we had no drums, a ukulele and no bass player, me and conor were staring each other out over who would have to play bass.
TB: I was out on a rare outing, daring being out with these lot (Conor interrupts with: there was pizza, it were rock n roll) and we were talking about music and it went from there
JP: Eyrey text me the next day and said ‘we have a bass player’ I asked if he could play bass, he said ‘no, but he has a garage’ so he was in then.
And that, ladies and gentlemen is the start of something special..

Your name is ‘The mannequins’ Why did you choose this, and how did it come about?

JE: We allowed to swear?….Basically we were out on the piss one night and Pughy and Kellsy (Friend of the band) came up with it and we said riiiiite, we’ll use that.
JP: We had a few to begin with, Eyrey came up with The Saints, I had the Idol Surfers and also The Lace ups but we thought that sounded a bit McFly. And then basically The Mannequins was mentioned and we thought..Yes, Why not….
(At this point Pughy says in a massively creepy voice, ‘It will be worth something this interview in a few years.)

Your influences, If you could create an ultimate band (Fave singer, guitarist etc etc) who would you have?

JP: John Bonham on drums (Led Zepplin)
CK: Probably have John Squires as guitarist.(Stone Roses)
TB: Bassist…Well I am tryin to step away from the Manchester scene..Go on then, I’ll go for Macca (Paul McCartney)
JE: I’d have to say for his attitude on stage, Ian Brown (Stone Roses)

You write all your own songs, Who writes them and what’s the writing process (Do you sit in a room alone or go for a walk and get inspired etc etc)
JP:We all write them really, Eyrey came up with a few of the early ones, then Conor came up with a few and we all added our own bits. The new ones are Conor and Tom and we have new all band together stuff as well.

Interviewer: So how do you write them, alone with a guitar? or do you all sit together and rhyme words?
JE: I think ‘ when you get a tune first, coz I’ve written a loads of words and a can’t get anything to ’em and so they end up kind of going on the side..
JP:I disagree, see one of our songs, Ashes on the floor (at this point JP shamelessly plugs their up coming gig) I had some words, Eyrey had some chords, we stuck up together, said lads, we have this and its just clicked…
Interviewer: Talking of inspiration I want you to pick something in here and give me two lines on it.
JP: Now you have called our bluff……
CK: Something about that artist being a prick.
JE: Let me think about this now… (A picture of Glossop and Manchester burning and run down is chosen)..Got one. ‘As day turns into night, as life turns, we look up in essence as our home town burns.’

What are your songs about? They inspirational and about love or everyday things? like buying milk..
JP: All of the above. Going to the shop, buying milk, meeting a woman and taking her for coffee and the rest.
JE: I would say for me, woman are a big factor in what I write about. As they are for a lot of bands.

Interviewer: Your songs about women…Are they happy? or ‘Why did you break up with me, you fat bitch?’
JE: Two are a bit bitter and full on. And ones a jokey one about girls who were pissing me off one night.
JP: We reckon ‘Why did you break up with me, you fat bitch?’ would be an excellent b-side. (Massive group laughter from all)

As a band, when together, are you all happy or very aggressive and fighting like say, Oasis?
JE: Tom is VERY aggressive. Once, I went ‘right tom you ready mate’ and he replied with ‘Fuuuuck offf, NOB ‘ED.’ Whatever mate.

If people have to decide between your gig and another…Why choose yours?
JP: The price.
Interviewer: It’s £3, that’s bloody well expensive. Consider all gigs are the same price. What then?
JP: To quote Alan Partridge ‘Originality, quality and excellence’ will be the defining words for our gig.
JE: Nothin’ to say after that.

300 fans, BEFORE your first gig. Are you on the way to being Glossop’s biggest band?
JP: Let’s see how many people dislike us after our gig, we will tell you then.
JE: No, we are. We believe it. We are the best.

All big bands have a breakthrough song. Which of yours has what it takes to go big and why?
TB: Ashes on the floor.Dunno why, its Anthemic.
JE: Little story, first time we recorded that Pughy said ‘Lads, this is already an anthem.’
JP: It’s as catchy as chlamydia.

If you could take any lyric you have written as use it as inspiration or advice on how to live life, what would it be?

JE: Good question that.
JP: Pat on the back for Bennett.
JE: I would say for people our age, with our way of life..’When he’s drinking, he’s thinking about her, I’m like ask her mate, but he’s a doubter..’
JP: Essentially, seize the moment. It’s a cliché but…Life’s a rehearsal.

Whats next after the first gig, this Friday?
JP: Playing the same venue for my dad’s birthday. And Conor’s mums wedding. We are a wedding band.

Interviewer: Any chance of an E.P or anything like that?
(At this point Pughy does a f**king terrible pun)
JE: The plan would be ye. But its all about money innit. Bit strapped for the old dollar. well Pounds.
More JE: The original plan was a free demo at the gig. I went on holiday, dint have time i suppose…
Interviewer: Free download on RedRose Music?
JE: Definitely, and we could let you select the one you thought was best at the gig…
If you could be any food, what would you be and why?
Pughy…Profiteroles. Because it’s about whats inside.
James Eyre…Sticky toffee pudding. Because I have a nice warm inside.
Tom Buck (Fruit and Veg man)… avocado. Because I have a hard stone inside.
Conor Keem…Chicken. Everyone likes Chicken. (Vegetarians. keep calm)
Finally, A quick word on stuff you dislike. Bad music in your minds?

JE: Kasabian, Shouldn’t be as big as they are. And I mean, like no one jumps out of their seats when like All American Rejects come on the telly, know what I mean?

CK: Everything modern, I really don’t see anything that makes me go ‘I like them.’
Well thank you to The Mannequins. See them live at the Oakwood on the 11th February.


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